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Business Visas – B-1

Looking for an experienced visa lawyer? Look to Grace Gardiner, with Gardiner Immigration PA. She has over 18 years of experience helping people visit the United States for a variety of business and training ventures.

About Business Visas

Business Visas (B1) are granted to foreign nationals who are visiting the United States for a temporary time. As part of the requirement for this visa, the applicant must show that they have a permanent residence in their home country, which they have no intention of abandoning; upon approval, that person may enter the U.S. for a temporary period to engage in activity relating to business, such as:

Attending conferences/conventions in the United States on specific dates.
Attending training
Business meetings

In order to qualify for this visa, the applicant must be a citizen of a foreign country which they plan to return to once they have concluded their visit. The visa does not allow an individual to work in the United States. The B-1 Visitor must not receive a salary from the U.S. entity they are visiting and must continue to be paid by the foreign employer.
The applicant should consider taking the following documents if they are applying for a Business Visa:

Letters/Documents from the institution that is providing the training or hosting the conference with details such as the dates, place, etc.

Letter from your present employer, stating the foreign employer’s business activities, that the applicant is an employee, and the nature of the applicants visit.

Any documents showing the communication between yourself and the party you are visiting.

Confirmation of any lodging booked in the preparation of your visit.

GARDINER IMMIGRATION PA can consult with you to determine your individual circumstances and provide guidance on the paperwork that will be required in your particular case. Call to arrange your consultation with visa lawyer Grace Gardiner today.

Professional Worker Visas – H-1B

As companies strive to maintain their competitive advantage in an ever-competitive world, they look to recruit the best talent to give them the edge. They recruit both domestically and internationally. The H-1B visa allows any businesses with a U.S. presence to recruit foreign nationals to work in the United States in a variety of professions, including: Information Technology, Medical and Scientific Research, Banking and Finance, Education, and Manufacturing.
The H-1B applicant must meet the following criteria:

The applicant must have a U.S. Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.
The employer (sponsor) must have a vacancy that requires a Bachelors degree or its equivalent.

Currently, there is a limit of 65,000 H-1B1 non-immigrant visas, which are issued each year (commencing October 1, through September 30th of the following year). There are also an additional 20,000 visas available to foreign nationals with a Masters degree from a U.S. institution of higher education.

Premium Processing Service

For a fee of $1,225, a business can request that an application filed on their behalf be processed within 15 calendar days. The USCIS will issue an approval, a request for more information, or notice to deny, or to investigate within the 15 days. If the USCIS is unable to respond within the 15 calendar days, it will refund the premium processing fee and continue to process the application under the premium processing service. The Premium Processing Service is only available for employment–based petitions such as H-1B.
Gardiner Immigration PA has a long and successful history of advising and guiding companies, from startups to well-established corporations, as well as individuals through the H-1B application process.

Inter-Company Transfers – L1/L2

The intent of the L1 visa (also referred to “intra-company transfer”) is to allow international organizations to relocate their staff to their offices in the United States on a temporary basis. The L1 applicant must show that they worked for the sponsoring company in a capacity of a manager/executive or an employee with specialized knowledge for a period of one year within the past three years. The L2 visa is available to family members of the L1 visa applicant.
Gardiner Immigration PA has a long and successful history of working with companies from startups to well-established corporations and guiding and advising them on the L1/L2 applications.

Citizenship and Deportation

U.S. citizenship is automatically granted to a child born in the United States and its territories – this is also the case for children born to a U.S. citizen. An individual born outside the United States can become a citizen through a process known as naturalization. There are many advantages to becoming a U.S. citizen, namely the right to vote, lower taxes, and eligibility for certain government grants and scholarships.
GARDINER IMMIGRATION PA can help you by preparing all the paperwork and file for your citizenship; we can also advise you of any issues that need to be addressed beforehand to make sure that your application is processed efficiently.


Facing removal from the U.S. can spark a number of emotions. No matter what you are feeling, you know that you need to seek representation from a skilled deportation lawyer. If you value aggressive, competent, and knowledgeable legal services, Grace Gardiner is the deportation attorney to call.
As an immigrant herself, attorney Gardiner knows the challenges associated with immigration matters. She understands that her clients are looking for an aggressive advocate. And as your deportation attorney, she will be your advocate and confidant through all stages of the process, exploring every possible defense option, including asylum. To learn more about our deportation defense services and schedule your consultation, call us today at (813) 961-6119.

Individual Visas

U.S. Institutions of higher education, along with a wide variety of certified programs, attract hundreds of thousands of people each year who want to study and improve their careers. Some of the more popular options include the F, M, and J visas.

Asylum Applications

Many immigrants who come to the U.S. face persecution or dangers in their home country. The U.S. can serve as a safe haven for those individuals to eventually seek employment and live without fear of persecution.
At our immigration law firm, we can help with the application process and be your advocate.
Attorney Grace Gardiner is an immigrant herself. She understands the unique challenges her clients are facing and can directly relate to the experience they are going through. She makes personal attention a priority and ensures that her clients’ best interests are protected at all times. You can count on our Immigration Law team for knowledgeable guidance and zealous advocacy.

The Asylum Application Procedure

Asylum applicants may gain legal entry into the U.S. if they fulfill certain requirements under immigration laws. For instance, if an individual were to be persecuted in his or her home country, he or she may seek asylum.
Those seeking asylum must file the application directly with the U.S. government and must already be on U.S. soil. There are typically strict time frames involved, so seeking advice from an immigration lawyer early is important. Immediate family members of the applicant may also be eligible for asylum status. Additionally, those seeking asylum cannot seek employment authorization at the same time.

If you are granted asylum, you can try to get permanent residency in the U.S. This could be through an immigrant visa or obtaining a green card.
At Gardiner Immigration PA, your legal rights will be protected.

To schedule a consultation with our Tampa Bay and Florida Immigration lawyers for assistance with asylum applications, please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding your personal situation.

Green Cards

The green card gives the foreign national a right to live and work in the United States. Permanent residency can be obtained in a number of ways:


A Diversity Program mandated by the United States allocates 50, 000 visas per year to nationals from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. The applicants must meet specific requirements, including specific skills/work experience.


The Immigration and Nationality Act makes 140,000 employment-based immigration visas available every year. The employment based visas are divided into the following 5 categories:

Employment-Based, First Preference (EB1) – Priority Workers.
This category is reserved for:
Foreign nationals who have demonstrated outstanding ability in the field of science, arts, education, business or athletics.
Outstanding Professors and Researchers
Executives and Managers

Employment-Based, Second Preference (EB2) – Professionals Holding Advanced Degrees, or Persons of Exceptional Ability

Employment-Based, Third Preference (EB3) – Skilled Workers, Professionals Holding Baccalaureate Degrees.

Employment-based, Fourth Preference (EB4) – Special Immigrants.

Employment-based, Fifth Preference (EB5) – Employment Creation Investors.


Family-based immigration is divided into the following categories:

Immediate Relatives of a U.S. Citizen. This includes spouses, widower and unmarried children (under 21 years of age) of a U.S. citizen and parent of a U.S. Citizen who is 21 or older.

Returning Residents. Immigrants who had previously lived in the United States as lawful permanent residents and are returning to live in the United States after living abroad for more than one year.

Visas for the above mentioned types of family-based immigration do not have yearly visa quotas.

First Preference. Unmarried children (and their children) of a U.S. citizen. There is a yearly limit of 23, 400 visas for this category.

Second Preference. Spouses, minor children, and unmarried sons and daughters (over age 20) of lawful permanent residents. There is a yearly quota of 114, 200 for this category.

Third Preference. Married sons and daughters of U.S. citizens, and their spouses and children. There is a yearly limit of 23,400 visas for this category.

Fourth Preference.Brothers and sisters of United States citizens, and their spouses
and children, provided the U.S. citizens are at least 21 years of age. There is a yearly quota of 65,000 visas reserved for this category.

Fiancé Visas

Bringing your fiancé and/or fiancé and children to the U.S. is one of our
firm’s specialties. You need an immigration attorney who knows the law, will listen to your
situation, and who is compassionate. At the Gardiner law firm, we make it
a priority to get your fiancé and family together as fast as possible —
and after you’re married, within ninety days of their arrival, we file
for their adjustment of status.

601 Waivers

Almost all Form I-601 applicants outside the United States have an interest in expeditious processing. The applicant must have a family member in the midst of an extreme hardship in order to qualify for a 601 waiver. We’ll work with you to prove your case, in conjunction with a psychologist if necessary.

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